Kudos to This Guy

Coca-Cola Faith by Siraaj

“if all you read from someone is vilification about the “other” and they’re unable to break the cycle of finger-pointing, or are unable to articulate their views without thinking about the potential negative implications and blowback stemming from how they are dialoguing, we  shouldn’t follow them on this issue, if not others.”

“There is no implication here that either men should stay home so they see nothing nor is there an implication that sisters stay home and become invisible so as to escape the notice of any man who may find any movement desirable.  The idea is that both should be doing their part to avoid finding or causing sexual attention while going about their daily lives.”

“The true intent of these videos is to humanize Muslims, to show them as contributing members of society, and to create those same positive associations (with good intention, no doubt).  Can we do it without causing concern for hayaa’ in a sizable portion of the conservative community (I say conservative knowing full well many of you who participated in the video consider yourself conservative, don’t mind the generic terminology, you know what I mean) and without music?”