Ramadan Mubarak

by annamchoudhry

Really excited about dawah and fitness during Ramadan! Its my first time incorporating both of those things in my Ramadan routine and I pray Allah swt makes it easy.

A few summers ago, with a personal record of running every day for over 40 days straight, in addition to near daily trips to the gym and a diet unmatched by any future efforts to eat so strictly, I was in the best shape of my life. But I didn’t know how to sustain it. When Ramdan 2008 came around, everything I worked hard for went down the drain. I came out of Ramadan craving sweets and junk and did not have the stamina to run. I don’t blame Ramadan for that, of course–I blame myself.

In hindsight, the experience was reminiscent of how, when it comes to imaan, if you don’t have a solid grounding in your aqeedah, if you don’t establish certainty about Allah in your heart, and if you don’t know who Allah is, the first calamity to befall you will make you question your faith. How many of us has this happened to and we don’t even realize it? Something to think about, and a reminder to myself first.

To conclude, I’ll leave you all with a poem I wrote for Ramadan:

Thirsty souls come get your fill,
You’ve been drowning in a sea of delusion…
Your heart, once gold, now covered with dust
Begs for life–let this month be its ablution.

Towering skeletons of good deeds past
A foundation of knowledge left to rot.
Looking up from inside the foot of these ruins
You hold the remains of what you first sought.

Battling devils and deception day after day
Your nafs you’ve yet to lay a finger on.
Here comes your chance to change, oh soul,
Allahumma Balighna Ramadan.