Battlefield Hardline​

by annamchoudhry

The only mainstream, “war”-based, non-sci-fi FPS since God-knows-when that doesn’t include brown people as the “bad guys”. I can finally play a game where I don’t gun down people that look like they could be related to me!

In fact, it not only strays from the drumbeat of such ultra-patriotic games with an “episode” about right wing extremist militias in the US, but the protagonist is Latino. The storyline, based on police corruption, is sick, with plot twists that will leave you mind blown.

I guess all that is a bonus because this game is friggin addictive. 12yo CODers beware, the multiplayer is not for little boys who only want to shoot things up. Your precious KDR is not the only thing that matters here. You will need skill and strategy to enjoy the gameplay.

Happy gaming!