Trump Born From Obama’s Womb


Trump is the perfect scapegoat to whitewash everything Obama’s presidency accomplished. The places banned in his immigration ban are all places US intervened in/bombed during his presidency*. The places not banned are all the ones Obama and Bush and those before them have done business in for decades.

bannedTrump’s presidency is pretty fascist as it stands: he has his own intelligence, a tight-knit, closed-door cabinet, a prominent xenophobe prepared to be pushed on to the NSC. But Bush, and Obama even more so, also had shadow governments that few cared to report on except for people like Jeremy Schahill, whose documentary, “Dirty Wars,” I really recommend you all watch.

When Obama became President, FB and twitter was still new, people hardly reported or mobilized over all the people he deported. Also, remember, Obama was the one who, year after year, signed the NDAA with the provisions making it legal to indefinitely detain American citizens without trial. Like GTMO except for US citizens. There were people (like me and my friends) who protested, wrote to representatives, lobbied, and did actions in public spaces to wake people up and make them aware of the unconstitutional double standards in the justice system which I witnessed with my own eyes in court room hearing after courtroom hearing during Obama’s presidency. But few  listened. Now that Trump is riding the wave of Islamophobia to the applause of his supporters, people are finally waking up, which is awesome, but Trump didn’t get there on his own. He simply made bare the ugliness of our government for all to see.

If you’ve ever studied the presidency formally, you will know that that seat’s power has been changed from one president to the next, what Obama did was set a precedence that expanded that seat’s power like no other president has done in a very very long time, and Trump just so happened to be the next guy to take it.

Is Trump a fascist pig? Yes. But the difference between him and Presidents past is that he is doing it out in the open, with less class, a hideous face, a documented background of sexual assault and crooked business dealings, social media, and the support of racists and ignorant folks who have been pumped up for 15 years from the Islamophobic industry. Nothing like a Trump presidency gets created in a vacuum.

*Sources for places in the immigration ban that few people know were affected by US foreign relations during Obama’s presidency: