Stranger Things 2: A very brief review

Season 2 of Stranger Things had a very different feel than the first season. It definitely did not come with the novelty of the first one, which means the bar was set pretty high already for an original Netflix series. But I left my expectations behind when watching this series, I just wanted to see those familiar faces again and see what adventures lay ahead for them.

nancy jonathan



  • Joyce is in a relationship with a really great guy… =/
  • We see a new, unexplained creature that takes over the town and makes the demagorgon look like a puppy. Literally.
  • There is not just one, but multiple demogrogons.
  • Dustin accidentally nurtures one of these demagorgons as a pet after finding the baby version in a dumpster outside his house, naively thinking it is a polywog of some sort, a new scientific discovery he gets to pride himself in.
  • Max is a chick, new (attempted) addition to the gang. Lives with an abusive step brother, who is himself abused by his dad
  • Eleven goes on an adventure to discover her mama’s origin
  • Eleven goes on another adventure when she discovers she has a “sister” with different but equally powerful abilities as her: The ability to manipulate reality/what people see in front of them by creating vivid illusions. And yes, her nose bleeds when she uses her powers, too.
  • Nance goes on her own adventure with Jonathan to make sure barb didn’t die in vain. The two have chemistry. Poor Steve =/
  • When El and Mike reunite at pretty much the end of the season. ❤
  • Dustin gets “girl advice” from Steve. Learn’s Steve’s secret is Farah Faucet hair spray, a secret we get to see Dustin use at the Snow Ball. That Mullet tho.
  • The Snow Ball at school is magical and the kids are on their way to hitting puberty.


  • Ratt – Round and Round
  • Ghostbusters Themes Song
  • Metallica – The Four Horsemen
  • Rare Bird – Tangerine Dream
  • Motley Crue – Shout at the Devil
  • Duran Duran – Girls on Film
  • Hawk Boyz – Condo Shit

FUN FACT: Bob is the new Barb